My New Music Video "The Last Door"

The Last Door
I've just finished carefully crafting a music video for a new caprice that I recently recorded in my studio.  The new composition is titled "The Last Door" in lieu of the elegiac inspiration that's behind it.

The song is my way of encapsulating and expressing the loss of my four month old son, Christian, who passed away suddenly last year.

This caprice is about the brevity and fragility of life, but more importantly, it's about the immediate importance we must never forget to place on the ones we cherish and love. 

If physics has taught us anything, it is that all of the past, present, and future are as real as our perception of "now" and that no beautiful moment we experience is ever truly lost or forgotten. Somewhere in its fabric, I know I am there holding my child and watching him smile - and this comforts me.

There are many doors we will encounter in this life, some leading to our greatest joys and triumphs and some bringing us crashing down to the to the most difficult trials and darkest of hours. Yet ultimately, we will enter by one and leave by one. It is the destiny of all living things. It is the cycle of the seasons of and of the ages.

The eternal paths that we forge in this one brief, beautiful experience we call life are the soul that shall sustain our being throughout all of time. And so we leave our eternal mark hanging in the numinosity of space - forever living, forever feeling, forever loving as we have enacted our lives in this one precious, fleeting moment we call the present.

"That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet." -Emily Dickinson