Reviewing the MC Kaleinar 5N 100mm f2.8 Prime Lens

MC Kaleinar 5N 100mm f2.8
MC Kaleinar 5N 100mm f2.8

The MC Kaleinar 5N 100mm f2.8 is a lovely classic prime telephoto lens from the soviet era with excellent bokeh and some pretty impressive center sharpness.

I got to spend a week or so running around with this vintage lens and really enjoyed the results I wad able to attain with it.

While it's heavy enough to have your back in a fight, I found that this lens balanced pretty well on my Sony A7r2 body and handling overall was very good. I really enjoyed the pronounced contrasts this lens gave my images and the excellent background compression (bokeh effect) that I was able to attain.

Despite only having 6 aperture blades, the bokeh balls I got out of this lens were pleasing and lent and artistic effect to me captures.

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