I'm reviewing the Tokina Atx-M 85mm F1.8 for Sony

During the past week, I've been reviewing Tokina's all-new Atx-M 85mm F1.8 for Sony full-frame e-mount cameras. It appears I may have received a faulty copy so I'll have to wait until Tokina sends me a new one to pass final judgment. In the interim, I can say the image quality is superb and the bokeh is soft and creamy enough to please even the most demanding bokeh snobs.

That said, the challenges presented by my camera freezing up due to some issue with the lens and the many autofocus problems I have encountered have made the review process rather difficult. However, so far, Tokina seems to be handling the issue in and prompt and professional manner and is looking trying to replicate the issues I reported on their end.

I certainly hope that any preliminary issues with Tokina Atx-M 85mm F1.8 for Sony are worked out since it's a powerhouse in optical performance. It would be a shame if it's mostly unusable due to firmware/electronic component issues. It's worth noting that other reviewers like Christophe Anagnostopoulos have had mostly positive things to say about Tokina's new lens, so maybe I just got a bad roll of the dice with the one I purchased.

There's also speculation on the internet that the Tokina's 85mm f1.8 might be a rebranded Viltrox 85mm f/1.8 with a custom barrel. I've asked for an official clarification on this from Tokina and will update the article I wrote if/when I receive that information back from them. For the time being, it is interesting to note the many shared specifications including the lens element design.

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