About Benjamin Sullivan

Benjamin Frederick Sullivan
I'm a journalist, artist, and technology advocate who embraces beauty of life.

I was born near Atlantic City, New Jersey in November of 1982. My parents moved to northern Maine when I was still a child and I spent most of my youth growing up there.

I started college at 15 and studied language and piano performance at University of Maine at Orono, piano performance at Curtis Institute of Music under Meng-Chieh Liu, and Music Composition and English at Cairn University.

Anxious to explore the world, I traveled to Poland at 18, where I taught English in Gdansk at Gordon & Gordon academy. I later relocated to England and eventually found myself in my ancestral homeland of Ireland.

During my time in Europe, I traveled extensively, visiting everywhere from Germany and Wales, to France, Belgium, Slovakia, and the Netherlands.

After a half-decade sojourn in Europe I returned home where I was quickly drawn to the allure of technology. During a long cold winter in Maine, while I was on paid leave from the US Department of State, I taught myself to code in PHP, Javascript, and CSS and launched my first serious web project, Niimae. The following spring, on self-taught coding merits alone, I was able to land a job in Network security the for The US Department of Labor.

Since then, I've spent my professional career in technology, working for such tech giants as Microsoft, AT&T, and my current employer, Intermedia.

Outside of tech, I consider myself a deeply artistic person and I've been consistently devoted to various creative pursuits throughout the course of my life. After the sudden loss of my 3-month-old infant son in 2012, photography became one of the most meaningful of these. In the wake of realizing life's brevity, I found new value in the memories I had captured. While it's true that a picture is worth a thousand words, I find photography to be even more meaningful than this for the infinite memories that can be evoked as well.

On September 16th 2017, I founded Ayrne, which represents all of my passions in a single entity - travel, tech, photography, and music.